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  • How To Keep Your Dogs Fit and Healthy

    Keeping your dog fit and healthy is our responsibility as loving pet owners. While yes, they are very cute and cuddly when they are chubby fluffy, it is not really ideal for any pets to stay overweight
  • Is Salmon Good For Cats?

    It might seem silly at first since we all know cats love to eat fish, but is it truly good to feed our cats salmon? Simply put, salmon is considered one of the tastiest and healthiest fish one could eat since it is full of vitamins and protein.
  • Is Squash Good For Dogs?

    Squash is probably one of the superfoods there is for dogs as it is packed with vitamins and minerals with having very little calories.
  • The Truth Behind Vegan Pets

    Cats and Dogs are innately carnivores - meaning they eat and need the nutrients in meat. This however does not stop some pet owners in forcing their pets into vegan diets (or plant-only diets) which does not really make a lot of sense!
  • 7 Reasons Why Dry Pellet Food Or Kibble Is Bad For Your Cat

    All cat owners know the dread of having uneaten kibble in the bowl; why so? Here are seven reasons why your cat is probably dreading the same thing, and why you should care about it.
  • What Does Your Pet's Poop Mean?

    One way of our pets communicating with us is through their poop. No, we don't mean them saying "I love you" with their poop, instead what we mean is that they tell you how healthy or unhealthy they are with what they poop out. Both cats and dogs do this and in this article, we will tackle both!