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Our Story

We always had pets at home and we always gave them our own pet food. This is because we want to know what exactly we feed our pets. Our problem before was that store-bought pet foods were always so evasive on what their products are really like - sketchy ingredients and even sketchier methods seems to be the norm for the majority of these pet foods..

My mother and I have spent over a decade researching and making proper pet food. We had years of research and had help from expert nutritionists to make sure that our pets get the right amount of nutrition they need. We also made sure that even our pickiest eater would not turn down what we gave her. All of our pets have gotten regular blood testing and vet check ups, proving that our pet food will help pets live a long and healthy life. We had about nine dogs at one point and one cat - all were fed a well-researched diet and lived their lives happily.

As years go by, we eventually started a business as we are confident that your pets will love our healthy dog and cat food! We still continue to do research and develop our products in order to improve our food for all pets in the Philippines.

BidaBest's Values.

Our Values

Here at BidaBest, we believe that food is essential in nurturing a strong and healthy bond between pet parents and their pets. This is the reason why we focus on providing the best pet food possible. We hired nutrition experts in order to develop the tastiest and healthiest dog and cat food for your pets. In order to make sure that our products are safe for all pets of different ages and sizes, we also consulted with pet experts to ensure that what we produce is top quality and is the right choice for your pets. Rest assured that every product developed by BidaBest is meticulously created to deliver precise amounts of vitamins and nutrients that your pet needs.

BidaBest also believes in supporting local. All our ingredients are all sourced locally - meat ingredients are sourced from Bounty Fresh, and vegetables come from the local palengke’s. As we scale up, we’ll be buying our vegetables from local farms as we want to help our local farmers.

BidaBest's Vision

Our Vision

BidaBest envisions being able to provide healthy pet food for all pets in the Philippines, no matter where they are. We aim to use online channels and delivery means to help with this goal. We are currently doing business within Metro Manila but we aim to continue to grow to have more stations in the Philippines in order to serve and help more pets. It is our promise to continue to grow and to continue to improve our products and services so that our pets would also continue to stay healthy.