BidaBest Dog Food Calculator & FAQs

How to use the Dog Food Feeding Calculator?

Wonder how much dog food should you feed your dog? With BidaBest's pet calculator, knowing how much you should feed your dog is made easy! Here are the steps to use the tool:

Step 1: Use the slider to set the current weight of your dog (in kilos).

Step 2: Select the breed of your dog - whether he/she is a small breed, medium breed, large breed, or giant breed.

Step 3: Select body type or the current condition of your dog.

Step 4: Feed your dog with the exact amount of calories listed.

Bonus: If you are feeding your dog BidaBest Dog Food, you are given the exact amount of pet food you should give your dog depending on the variant. You are also given the exact amount of vitamins and nutrients your dogs will get per serving.

How To Switch my Dog To BidaBest Dog Food?

Switching Dog Foods

Best Dog Food Philippines Frequently Asked Questions:

How many times should I feed my dog per day?

General rule is 2 times per day, but if your dog beg for more, you can portion out the daily servings over 4 times per day to keep your doggos from giving you hungry puppy dog eyes all day.

Why is dry food bad for dogs?

Too much carbohydrates turn into sugar. Too much sugar causes diabetes. Dry pellet food contains more carbohydrates since pellet food use corn, grain and rice to produce. Not only are these pellets processed, these dog foods are also sprayed with insecticides and high amounts of preservatives to extend the shelf-life of these products. Additionally, most kibbles are coated in harmful artificial flavorings and synthetic colors to make it more tasty for dogs and visually appealing for humans. Do not be fooled by this.

Why is squash healthy for dogs?

Squash is probably one of the superfoods there is for dogs as it is packed with vitamins and minerals with having very little calories.

How did you develop your dog food recipe?

We developed BidaBest Dog Food in partnership with PhD's in animal nutrition to make sure that our recipes we’re as healthy and nutritious as possible. Each recipe went through rounds of revisions and lab testing until we landed on the perfect food for dogs.

How do you prepare BidaBest Dog Food?

BidaBest dog food is delivered already cooked but frozen. We cook our BidaBest dog food just like you cook at home, except our equipment is a little bigger. We cook the meat on a stove, we chop the meat and veggies and we blend it all together in an mixer.

Where do you get your ingredients?

BidaBest meat ingredients are sourced from Bounty Fresh. Our vegetables come from the grocery store. As we scale up we’ll be buying our vegetables from local farms. If you have any suggestions, or have a farm yourself, drop us a line.

What if my dog gets sick after eating the food?

If you think something serious is going on contact your vet immediately. If you’re just wondering about the off bowel movement keep in mind that switching diets can be tough. Imagine eating something new after eating the same food for a long time! If you want to talk it over, shoot us a text message at 0915-842-6414 Or message us on facebook.

What if my dog doesn't like it?

Don’t be alarmed if your dog doesn’t go for BidaBest Dog Food right away. Dogs take time to adjust to new food and can take some convincing to start eating healthy! We’re here to help. You can message us any time and we’ll get back to you with some tips!

What if my dog is on a prescription diet?

If your dog is on a prescription diet, please consult your vet before switching diets. In general, our recipes are higher quality than prescription diets, but they don’t specifically resolve symptoms your dog may be dealing with.

What if my dog has a health condition?

If your dog has a health condition it’s important to be cautious about switching food. Please consult your vet before switching foods.