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How Much Should You Feed Your Puppy

Last Updated July 17, 2020

Confused Puppy Because There Is No Food.

Puppies, like infants, are often hard to feed and it can definitely be intimidating for anyone new to this situation. Usually, puppies’ stomachs react with a sudden change in diet or environment - their bodies are still very young and sensitive to what they eat. The nutrition they get during this time is also important because they need the right amounts of nutrition to grow. Needless to say, it is necessary for new (and old!) parents to understand what and how to feed their fur-babies.

So, how much exactly do you need to feed your puppies? Well, it depends on how old your puppy is. Check out our general guideline below:

Upon Birth

Puppies upon birth need their mom’s milk, just like any other infant. This will give the puppy all the nutrients he/she needs. At about four to six weeks, puppies can start eating solid food, but feeding them with milk or water can help your little love digest his or her food easily. Amount of milk or water can be decreased after about two months.

Feeding Your Puppy: A First-Year Timeline

Puppy With Lightbulb Idea.

For a more detailed view on what your puppies should eat after 4-6 weeks, below is a general one-year diet-timeline/feeding schedule that can help guide you.

6–12 weeks: During this early in the development, their diet should be specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs. Four feedings per day usually meet the requirements needed for puppies.
3–6 months: Around this time, you should decrease the amount of feedings in order to control the weight of your puppy. From four feedings per day to three feedings should work. This will eventually make the pupper lose his or her belly that has the potential to make the puppy overweight if unchecked.
6–12 months: Begin feeding twice daily to continue balancing their weight with their age.
After age 1: By age one, your puppy is close to being an adult and should be fed an adult-sized meal.

Puppy Feeding Chart

The weight of the puppy should also be considered when determining how much to feed them. Below is a general view of how much you should feed your puppy depending on their weight and age.

Puppy Feeding Chart.

BidaBest Dog Food Calculator

We also have a calculator that would determine how much grams you need to feed your pupper depending on their weight! Use this tool if you want to be exactly sure of the grams of dog food for your puppy!

Nutrition is very important for puppies, to check whether or not they’re good with the food they eat, their stool is a good indication of your puppy’s health. If the stool has a chocolate-brown color, this means that your pupper is digesting the nutrients of your food very well. Soft diet is very important for your puppies to be in the best condition.

It’s very important to keep track of your puppies’ responses when changing their diet. At the end of the day, consulting your vet is by far the most effective means to see whether your puppy might need more or less of something.


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  • Hi Lingel, for puppies 3 months and below, we still recommend their mother’s milk. You can message us on facebook for a more detailed answer! :D

  • hello i would like to ask my puppy’s food is pedigree with puppy’s formula milk i would like to try your product.. it is ok to stomach of my puppy if i change it to your product? my puppy is 2 months and 4 days old thank you and thus the chicken ok with her? she’s a shih tzu dashund..

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