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  • Dangers Of Aflatoxins In Kibble

    Aflatoxins are naturally occurring toxins that are present in kibble. As fur-parents, we should be aware of these!
  • Is Fish Good For Cats?

    As do most cat-parents know, their babies love fish! Try opening a can of fish and your cats will flock to you and would be more than just curious. But is this really the case? Is fish really healthy for your cats? Well, the short answer is yes - but not all fishes are healthy for your cats and fish should not be the sole diet of your cats.
  • Is Beef Good for Dogs?

    Beef is one of the most common meats used in dog food. Why? Because it is relatively affordable and healthy for dogs - and they can’t seem to get enough of it. Our furry best friends can't seem to resist the taste of natural beef.
  • Is Chicken Good For Dogs And Cats?

    Chicken is a staple for the pet food industry. This is because chicken is filled with necessary nutrients that are effective for our fur-babies. Learn more about all the other benefits of chicken for your pets here.
  • Is Sweet Potato Good For Dogs?

    Sweet potato or kamote is one of the natural superfoods that your fur-baby can enjoy. Your dogs will love it not only because they find it super yummy, but also because It is safe, healthy, natural, and ultimately nutritious for them.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Cat Pregnancy

    Adding new kittens in the litter is definitely a blessing. As such, we must do our part in taking care of our fur-babies when they are about to become mommas, and staying informed is the first step.
  • Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pregnancy

    Last Updated September 2, 2020 Welcoming new life to the world is always rewarding no matter what kind of life it could be. It even becomes more r...
  • Canned Wet Cat Food Versus Dry Cat Food

    Ever wondered about the difference between canned wet cat food and bagged dry cat food? Cat-parents from around the globe have different opinions about this but honestly, there only seems to be one answer, at least for us.
  • 7 Reasons Why Kibble Is Bad For Your Dog

    Believe it or not, dogs know when something is bad for them especially if they are well acquainted with the situation (aka having a bowl full of kibble). So, yes - kibbles are bad for dogs, and your dogs probably knows it. What exactly are the reasons as to why kibbles are bad? Here are 7 reasons why kibble is bad for your dog.
  • Cat Food For Kittens

    A kitten’s weight could double or even triple during the first few weeks, and within 6 months, they would already reach almost adult levels of body mass! This only means that feeding them the right cat food at an early stage is very important.
  • Making the Switch to BidaBest

    Don’t get us wrong, having the same meal is fine. In fact, most dogs, can eat the same meal their entire life and they will not get tired of it. What can cause problems, however, is abruptly changing their diets. Transitioning to BidaBest is easy, but it does take time. Normally, transitions would take 7 days.
  • The Right Dog Food For Puppies

    Puppies are proof that heaven exists. These little bundles of joys are super cute and often bring a lot of positivity in our lives and it is important for us to take care of them! We should remember that these puppies need a lot of attention, especially with what they are fed.