How to Keep Your Cats Fit and Healthy

Last Updated August 11, 2020

Making your cat fit can be one challenging task! For one, cats tend to be very lazy and sometimes, they even have an attitude. A lot of cats are also usually home-based so it is even more important to know how to keep them healthy. They are natural hunters and could be bored easily indoors. Here are some tips to make your cat active and fit:

Two cats jumping and playing.

1.) Play with your cat

Spend some time playing with your cat. It pays to get to bond with him or her and give her some treats for it. You can try to play fetch (or at least a version of it where the cat chases something) or have your cat chase you around the house.

2.) Give your cat new toys

Find out what objects he or she likes best. Cats tend to be attracted and curious to new things in your home. Watch her play and give her toys in the shape of a bird, a mouse or a bug, aside from feathers and strings. Be ready to get them replaced from time to time, as you know cats can give their toys a hard bite or a rough scratch!

Keeping your dog healthy by doing regular checks with the vet is always ideal. Even doing your own checks for your dog is also a great habit to pick up! If your dogs are regularly checked by you, then there is a good chance that you may spot anything amiss with your pet. Then you can enlist the help of a vet to get a clearer picture.

3.) Make your cat a tower

Cats are known to love jumping and reaching for things. Improvise a tower for your cat to jump on or play with. Having different levels of height for your cats to leap on and off to is a great way to exercise their limbs.

4.) Make your cat a piñata

Here's something fun and creative (and potentially instagramable): Improvise a piñata using old plastic containers and fill it up with treats that your cats love. Tie it up with a string and watch your cats play with it endlessly. Give them the treats if they fail to break the pinata as a reward.

5.) Find something your cat can chase

Cat instincts.

Pin a string on you and make it look like a tail, or improvise some old moving toys for your cat to follow. The chase that your cat will do will definitely keep them fit and on their toes. Chasing something is one of their instincts and doing this will definitely make them exercise all their cat instincts. Oh, a red laser dot would also do wonders but be sure to also reward the cats the catch as it will motivate them to keep on 'hunting'.

6.) Regular check-ups

Wellness Examinations or Keeping your cat healthy by doing regular checks with the vet is ideal for all cats. Doing your own checks for your cat is also a great habit to pick up! One way to check your cat's health is through their stools/feces. If you find anything peculiar, then the expertise of the vet can help you after.

7.) Medical Treatments

It's not enough that you only go to the vet for check-ups. It's also important for you to bring your cat to the vet to get the necessary shots it needs to stay healthy. This will definitely help in boosting your cat's resistance to a lot of diseases.

Make sure to always spend some time and show some love to your pet. After all, they show their loyalty to you when you’re always with them and show them your love and affection. This love and affection should also include activities that will get them fit and healthy!


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