Revised Policies for Enhanced Community Quarantine Period

Last Updated April 18, 2020

We are still delivering our sarap pet food, but we will be under a strict protocol for the safety of our employees, our consumers, and the communities that surrounds us. The following policies will be followed:

Hand washing before each processing, sanitation pre- and post-dispatch.

Our riders cannot touch any cash. Please count out all cash in front of the rider and place in the plastic bag provided by the rider .This is because handling cash increases the number of physical exposure (payment from client to rider, remittances by rider, etc.) and therefore proves to be a health risk.

We will dispatch orders only to partner-riders who are wearing a mask and exhibiting no obvious symptoms of COVID-19. This includes taking body temperatures of riders before they start work.

Deliveries can be delayed for up to 3 days due to road blocks, check points and ECQ hard lockdown areas.

Please keep up to date on your subdivision and Barangays ECQ policies. We have had a lot of failed deliveries due to pet parents not keeping up to date on there local restrictions.

    Please expect a delay in our responses on Facebook, text and Viber, We are a small family business with only 1 customer service representative on duty.