Frequently Asked Questions About Dog Pregnancy

Dog Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated September 2, 2020

Welcoming new life to the world is always rewarding no matter what kind of life it could be. It even becomes more rewarding if your fur-baby is the one that is soon to be a fur-parent themselves! Dog pregnancies are often intimidating, especially if it is the first time - we understand how delicate life is especially for our pets. In order to help out, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about dog pregnancies here!

How Many Months Is A Dog Pregnant?

The gestation period (aka pregnancy in dogs) normally lasts for 57-65 days (around 2 months + 1 week). If you are breeding, you should definitely record the exact date of when the dogs mated to help determine the stage of pregnancy.

How To Know If A Dog Is Pregnant?

Here are the following signs that you can try to see if your dog is pregnant:

  • In the early stages of pregnancy, your dog may feel something similar to human’s “morning sickness” - she may vomit as a sign of nausea.
  • If your dog’s appetite drops, it can be attributed to pregnancy but you can consult with your vet if you’re worried.
  • One month after mating, your dog might have a slight mucus discharge.
  • Your dog’s teats (dog nipple) could change in color and in size in about a month after mating. It could also produce some clear liquid.
  • Your dog will also gain weight around this time. If you can, check her weight after a month - she may weigh around 50% more than normal
  • Around a month and a week or so, you should definitely see the baby-bump on her belly side.
  • A playful dog might become more quiet and calm during this time.
  • During the later stages of pregnancy (during and after the 2 month time), your dog will generally have more appetite. Be ready to change her diet as she needs all the nutrients she can get for both herself and her puppies. Make sure that the dog food you are giving her meets and exceeds AAFCO standards for Growth and Reproduction.
  • Quick note - a vet can help you determine whether your dog is pregnant by checking her hormone levels.

What Are The Signs That My Dog Is About To Go Into Labor?

Around 2 days before your dog is about to give birth, your dog may:

  • Scratch at her bed.
  • Look for a safe place for her to give birth.

Around 5-6 hours before she gives birth, your dog may:

  • Walk/pace back and forth.
  • Dig or do the motion of digging something.
  • Vomit.
  • Slightly shake - like a shiver type of shake.

What To Do When Your Dog Is Going Into Labor?

Dogs can typically handle labor by themselves but there are things we could do as fur-parents to help:

  • Help build out a “nest” or a safe space for them to give birth. A warm secluded area would work best to promote a safe environment for your dog.
  • Have clean water to drink nearby.
  • Make sure she has access to food as well.

Watch out if any complications happen. Complications can include the following:

  • She is having contractions but no puppies are coming out.
  • A puppy seems to be stuck in your dog’s birthing canal.
  • If 4 hours has passed and not all puppies are out yet.
  • If your dog is pregnant for 2 months and a half.

If you see these complications during her labor, please consult your vet.

What To Feed My Pregnant Dog?

As mentioned above, pregnant dogs need all the nutrition they can get for themselves and their puppies. Ideally, the dog food you are feeding your pregnant dog meets and exceeds AAFCO standards for Growth and Reproduction. This ensures that it has the right nutrients and vitamins for pregnant dogs. Puppies will also benefit from dog food that meets and exceeds the AAFCO standards.

The amount of food given should depend on what stage the pregnant doggo is. To do this, you can either measure by the weight of the dog. You can make use of our Dog Food Calculator to determine the amount of dog food you should be feeding your pregnant doggo.

Puppies are proof that heaven exists, so we should do our best in helping out our pregnant fur-babies. While we understand that taking care of a pregnant dog can be a daunting task, information like this article will definitely be help in preparing you on what's to come!


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