Is Chicken Good For Dogs And Cats?

Last Updated October 29, 2020

Chicken is pretty much a staple for the pet food industry. This is because chicken is filled with necessary nutrients that are effective for our fur-babies. It also helps the manufacturers as chicken is readily available everywhere and is pretty easy to prepare. BidaBest uses chicken as an ingredient for some of our healthy dog food and cat food, so we wanted our consumers to know what exactly chicken can do for their pet! Below is a list of benefits that your fur-babies can get from chicken.

Benefits of chicken for dogs and cats


Being one of the leaner meats, chicken provides a lot of protein for your pets without the extra calories. This helps keep the calorie count low while keeping the nutrient count high in our pet food. Protein is important for pets as it helps in muscle growth and regeneration. Protein also helps them stay active as it not only gives them energy, it also ensures that their muscles and tissues are repaired after a tiring day. Lastly, protein also assists in creating body chemicals such as hormones and enzymes that are needed for your pets to function normally. Pets from all ages can benefit from this - from puppies and kittens to full grown dogs and cats.

Omega 6 Fatty Acids

Omega 6 fatty acids help sustain healthy skin and shiny fur coats for pets. It is also crucial for normal reproduction, growth, and immune function. Being part of the fatty acids group, it also helps by:

  • Providing energy for everyday activities
  • It also aids in fat-soluble vitamin absorption
  • Controlling inflammation
  • Reinforcing cell membranes

Essential Amino Acids and Glucosamine

Amino acids are essential in muscle building together with protein and are present in almost every part of the chicken. Glucosamine can also be present in your pet’s food and this will help their overall bone formation, structure, and maintenance.

Without a doubt, chicken meat provides a lot for our beloved pets - it helps them grow strong and stay healthy because of all the benefits of chicken meat. By giving your pets the right pet food, you are expressing your love to them, so make sure to choose the right brand! However, some of our pets can be allergic to chicken, just like their fur parents! Be sure to consult with your vet about their possible allergies if you think they could be allergic to chicken. Additionally, make sure that the chicken you give to your cats are not cooked with onions or garlic as these ingredients can be toxic to cats.


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