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The Scoop On Poop

Last Updated March 31, 2020

Checking your cat’s litter box is one of the most important things you do when taking care of your pet. Your cat’s feces or urine is one way of checking whether your cat is feeling well or not. In short, your cat’s litter box is your little fella’s way of telling you, “Hooman, I am sick and I need your attention.”

Check out the Fecal Score Chat below to see what you must see in your cat’s potty. Alarming or not, you should always check for differences in your cat’s fecal cycle.

Cat feces and what it means.

Changing your cat’s diet or your cat ingesting something unusual may lead to a difference in poop consistency. Checking the score of your cat’s poop must then lead you to see whether or not you should bring your cat to the vet.

Be sure to pay attention! You’ll see that really, the litter box is the only way your cat could communicate with you properly about his/her health - and we always want what is best for our feline friends!


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