Is Squash Good For Dogs?

Last Updated September20, 2020

Is Squash Good For Dogs?

Squash is probably one of the superfoods there is for dogs as it is packed with vitamins and minerals with having very little calories.

Wendy Nan Rees and Kevin Schlanger, DVM (both popular figures in the world of pets) from The Natural Pet Food Cookbook, stated the following about squash:

“Squash has lots of beta carotene and vitamin A… Plus, it’s naturally sweet which dogs love. Many kinds of squash are also rich in potassium, which helps to maintain electrolyte balance.”

In other words, pet owners from around the world loves squash because its highly nutritious and its easy for dogs to feast on.

Now, you may be wondering - what exactly can it do for your dog? First, let’s start by listing down the vitamins and minerals that squash can provide once it is part of your dog’s diet:

Benefits of Squash for Dogs

Now that you know what vitamins and minerals your dog can get from squash, let’s now dive deeper on how these nutrients will benefit your pet:

  1. Vitamin A (derived from Beta Carotine): an essential component for dogs and their vision, immune system health, and even their reproductive system health. Since it is also derived from Beta Carotine, there is no chance for the Vitamin A to cause any toxicity for your pets.
  2. Vitamin C: acts as an antioxidant and also is used to keep his fur/coat full and vibrant. Vitamin C also usually combines with Vitamin E which helps maintain your dog’s healthy appearance.
  3. Vitamin B6: helps in the synthesis of protein in dogs and is especially important for your growing puppies. It also activates the glands responsible for the secretion of hormones which improves the brain activities and the mood of your pet. Lastly, it helps in maintaining the correct potassium-sodium balance which later helps in their internal water regulation ensuring your dog’s water level is well maintained.
  4. Similar to humans, Calcium (together with Magnesium, and Potassium) for dogs promotes stronger bones. It also helps absorbs nutrients which ultimately helps your dog’s digestion, nerve function, and muscle function.
  5. Potassium also promotes muscle growth, boosts metabolism, and maintains organ function.
  6. Again similar to us humans, Fiber primarily aids the digestion of your pets and the overall weight of your pet.

Squash is definitely one of the best food out there that you can give your dogs. The nutrition it provides and the actual benefits it can do for your dog is definitely impressive and a must have your dogs. This is actually the reason why all of Bidabest’s Dog Food Collection contains this superfood! Since Bidabest aims to provide your pets healthy food, it's a no brainer for us to include it in our recipe!


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